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Thread: Okamoto Seigo passed away?

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    Default Okamoto Seigo passed away?

    I just heard that Mr. Okamoto Seigo of Roppokai had passed away. On the Roppokai website it shows him living from 1925-2015 but does not mention his passing. If this is true, to all Roppokai members I am very sorry for your loss. I met him here in the US at a seminar in '06 or '07 I think. He had an interesting approach to Daito-ryu and I found him to be very kind. Even though he had only met me that day and there were many students at the seminar he learned my name and called me by it the whole day. I will keep his family, friends and students in my thoughts and prayers.
    Christopher Covington

    Daito-ryu aikijujutsu
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    Yes, Howard Popkin posted on Facebook on Saturday morning that Okamoto Sensei had passed away early that day.
    Cady Goldfield

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