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Thread: Passing of Seigo Okamoto, Founder of Daito-ryu Roppokai

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    Default Passing of Seigo Okamoto, Founder of Daito-ryu Roppokai

    Mr. Seigo Okamoto, former student of Kodo Horikawa (Daito-ryu Kodokai), and founder of Daito-ryu Roppokai, passed away in Japan on Saturday, January 17, 2015. Born on Feb. 10, 1925, Mr. Okamoto passed on only a few weeks before his 90th birthday.

    Deepest condolences to his family, friends and students.
    Cady Goldfield

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    Wish the Deepest condolences from my heart to his family, friends and students.

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    We observed a moment of silence yesterday at the beginning of a seminar I attended. We were all sorry to hear of Okamoto Sensei's passing. His students and family remain in our thoughts.
    Nathan Scott

    "Put strength into your practice, and avoid conceit. It is easy enough to understand a strategy and guard against it after the matter has already been settled, but the reason an opponent becomes defeated is because they didn't learn of it ahead of time. This is the nature of secret matters. That which is kept hidden is what we call the Flower."

    - Zeami Motokiyo, 1418 (Fūshikaden)

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