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Thread: Visit to "fake" judo dojo in Italy faked?

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    Default Visit to "fake" judo dojo in Italy faked?

    I was wondering if anyone had heard of a Japanese TV crew (TBS) visiting a judo dojo in Massafra, Italy last year.
    The crew was accompanied by 2000 Olympic gold medalist Makoto Takimoto.

    It featured in a year-end of "Bukkomi Japanese", a show that purports to travel around the world and expose "fake" Japanese culture - essentially "the sushi police"

    The program was too awful to watch so I missed most of the content, but the premise was that the dojo's owner was teaching fake judo (and the TV program made a HUGE fuss that he had never been to Japan or had a Japanese teacher), and that Takimoto would attend "undercover" as a complete beginner... I guess you get the picture.

    I only bring this up here because it has been revealed that another section of the program was faked. Maybe the dojo story was also a set-up.
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    Interesting. Not surprising, but still... interesting. Not unlike the "created" situations used for "reality" TV shows in my home state of Alaska.

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