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Thread: Kiri kaeshi nage

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    Default Kiri kaeshi nage


    I have problems with executing Kiri kaeshi nage, namely that the twisting movement to the attacker's wrist seems to often prompt them to turn backwards instead of leaning over to the front. Not sure how to remedy that, though raising their hand quite high sometimes helps.

    When thinking about this I also encountered the question of which 'line' this technique might fall under: Usually we count for ways of manipulating the wrist: gyaku gote line, S-line or -shape (also often called maki), C-line or -shape (also often called dori) and okuri gote line. None of these seem to apply with Kiri kaeshi nage !or maybe one does and that actually explains my trouble with the technique?

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    Try drawing the attacker forward before twisting so their balance is over the tip of the triangle. This should prevent the attacker from pulling the shoulder back. Then swing under the shoulder close to the body and apply the twist on the wrist quite late. Staying far from the body or twisting early tends to lock the shoulder high, meaning the attacker has to vault over their shoulder from standing (which some of us find quite difficult!)

    I don't think the defence falls under any of those lines, mainly because the attack is not aimed at locking up wrist but at the shoulder. I think of it more like a standing ura-gatame, though I guess you could see it as similar to okuri-gote.
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