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Thread: Search function broken?

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    Default Search function broken?

    Hi I can't seem to do any searches.

    When I go to the search page, the following text is at top of the screen, overlaid on the e-budo headmast:

    Warning: Declaration of vBForum_Item_SocialGroupMessage::getLoadQuery() should be compatible with vB_Model::getLoadQuery($required_query = '', $force_rebuild = false) in ..../packages/vbforum/item/socialgroupmessage.php on line 261

    Warning: Declaration of vBForum_Item_SocialGroupDiscussion::getLoadQuery() should be compatible with vB_Model::getLoadQuery($required_query = '', $force_rebuild = false) in ..../packages/vbforum/item/socialgroupdiscussion.php on line 337

    The lines of text below do not match up to the search boxes, and when I type in a keyword or writer name and click on the search button, nothing happens, not even a page reload..It's more like a dead link.

    I'm using Chrome, which has worked here before, and works on other forums.

    Thanks for any help possible. This is not the first time this has happened.
    J. Nicolaysen
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    I see the same two warning lines at the top of the Advanced Search page in Internet Explorer, but below that all the boxes are correct and the search functions work.
    Yours in Budo,

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    Been away over the weekend, sorry for not replying sooner.

    The search should work anyway, these are just warnings. They have made a change so that these warnings are not hidden any more (as it has used to be).
    I have found a fix for this, and probably also something that would fix the error itself.
    I will try to handle this as son as I find the time, but the search should still function.

    Anders Pettersson -
    半ばは自己の幸せを、半ばは他人の幸せを - 宗 道臣
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