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Thread: What Makes A Good Dojo?

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    Default What Makes A Good Dojo?

    I've been thinking about what makes a great dojo for me. I finally figured out how to put it. Much to my surprise, the elements I'm looking for don't include beer fridges or silly hats (as nice as those things are). I put my thoughts together in this blog

    What do you look for in a great dojo?
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    Good read.

    I esp liked the distinction of the "dojo" involving the members of the training group as well as the physical location.
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    Often ignored, but I think the people are the most important. A good dojo is a good social environment, basically. If the people are not interacting well it will make a bad training environment, and it affects the quality a lot.
    Mathias Oestensen

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    Great article, thanks for sharing!
    You are right; the teacher student relationship and attitude are the most important aspects of a good dojo.
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    The teacher and training partners. Nothing else matters.

    One of the best dojo I trained in was a dilapidated building with wood stove heat. No water in the winter because the pipes would freeze............... But the dojo was the real deal.
    Ed Boyd

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    Relaxed, friendly people, interested in sharing and learning, who are also willing to be serious about what they are doing, and put themselves out there.

    That's pretty much it.

    I will say though, after moving my class from place to place, I do appreciate having a nice/semi clean environment. You can train anywhere really, but I've had my class at some beat up, scruddy places, and i'ts nice to have a physical environment that's conducive to training as well.

    Glad to see E Budo getting a bit of traffic again!
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