There is a new video on YouTube of Ellis Amdur excerpted from a 3-day seminar hosted by Oberlin Aikido Club in Ohio Jan 30 - Feb 1, 2015. Click HERE to view the video.

In Amdur's words: "My recent explorations regarding aikido concern the adaptation of basic movement principles (in this case the theme of ikkyoku - 'first principle') into effective use of the medium length staff. This is a product of research I've been doing with my training brother, Bruce Bookman, the goal being the expression of an explosive level of power with the weapon (or hand-to-hand) with minimal movement or physical tension. For me, aikido is not a "combative art" - it's a laboratory to study these principles in depth so that they can be applied in any/all venue. The material is this video is directly relevant to my book, Hidden in Plain Sight."