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Thread: Searching for information on Shaolin Kung Fu forms

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    Default Searching for information on Shaolin Kung Fu forms


    I've just taken 1 class of Shaolin Kung Fu and I learned Steel Sinew Fist and memorized most of it. Does anyone know of videos or websites that teach the forms below? I have to learn these in orders. My sifu is on vacation and I've only taken 1 class with someone who has just learned the Two door fighting system. I am a quick learner even though I've never done martial arts in my life and I want to master Tie Tsing Kune. Unfortunately my dojo doesn't have books or guides.

    Tie Tsing Kune (Steel Sinew Fist - Breathing Form)
    Lunyang (Two door fighting system)
    Tom Hoi (Two man self-defence drills)
    Wu Dip Doe (Butterfly Sword Form)
    Shaolin Beau (Spear Form)
    Kwan Dao
    Double Broadsword Form

    Thank you.

    Ottawa, Canada

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    You might want to search for a forum dedicated to Chinese martial arts. Although some of us here at E-Budo have practiced them at one time or another, our site is dedicated to Japanese martial arts.
    Yours in Budo,

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