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Thread: "Generous cut" karate dogi

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    Default "Generous cut" karate dogi

    Can anyone recommend which brand of karatedogi available in the UK might have the most generous cut for waist size?

    I'm getting back to training, and my bodily proportions are not what they were 20 years ago...I'm concerned that some of the slinky modern gi's may barely overlap around my middle...

    Am I also correct in thinking that a "Japanese cut" would have a longer jacket, and may help avoid riding up over the obi?

    Thanks in advance.
    Phil Lewis

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    Phil, you will probably just end up looking like the "Grandmaster". There are plenty of larger chaps out there in dogi and a lot of them are the "head of their style"!

    In fact, there are many of these Heads, whose only apparent qualification is their waist measurement. Hell, you might as well skip the training altogether and make your own style right now (it's been done before ).

    But that's the flippant answer I'm known for. Sorry I can't be more useful, that's where Brian usually pops up with an answer, but he's not in the UK so that makes it more difficult.
    David Noble
    Shorinji Kempo (1983 - 1988)
    I'll think of a proper sig when I get a minute...

    For now, I'm just waiting for the smack of the Bo against a hard wooden floor....

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    Hi Dharma66,

    Gis are usually measured by the height, so I think you must take a gi for a 2 m person and cut the trousers.

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    I am in the UK but get my gi's from Pakistan through great value and quality, even with the shipping costs. If you look under Kyokushinkai Gi at the Kyo777 and get it without the kyokushinkai kanji they are a great fit ... I have been wearing them for years

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