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Thread: Good Budo Is Simple. That Doesn't Mean It's Easy

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    Default Good Budo Is Simple. That Doesn't Mean It's Easy

    Good budo isn't flashy or flowery. It's simple and uncomplicated. In fact, a quick litmus test for budo is that if it looks complicated and flashy, it's probably not very good. I write about the simple qualities of good budo in this blog post.

    Do you think budo should be simple?
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    Yes, eventually, in accordance with the degree of simplicity attained in the rest of your life.
    But, it is a bit like saying" to do zazen, just sit". Those of us who have tried know how that goes.
    Consider fully , act decisively
    Alec Corper

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    I totally agree. Good budo should be simple. And it usually is.

    Even Bruce Lee thought that. One of his Things was to take a technique and see if it could be accomplished in fewer moves. Then, break that down into fewer moves, and so on.

    You have those that look into kata and practice it as if it were a choreographed fight. That's fine for learning it, but eventually you have to break it down into much shorter sequences to grasp meaning.
    With respect,
    Mitch Saret

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    In Iai a good teacher can learn about all they need to know about a student from just watching them perform seiza mae.
    Ed Boyd

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