An old Musashi quote that applies just as much to the modern "tactical" and "self defense" communities; just seeing some stuff lately that made me think of it. Almost astonishing at times the things even currently working (let alone former) law enforcement officers say or present on-line in the interest of their image or their training businesses. Surprised at the things they don't correct on the part of outside commentators, interviewers, or articles, or even their own blogs (image building platforms), and so on.

It isn't necessary. I also just attended another class where none of that was in evidence and the POI and instructor was highly professional, even when selling stuff.

"Today we see the arts for sale. Men sell their own selves as commodities. As with the nut and the flower, the nut has become less important than the flower. In this kind of strategy, both those teaching and those learning the way are concerned with flamboyant style and showing off their technique, trying to hasten the bloom of the flower with commercial popularization. They speak of "this Dojo" and "that Dojo". They are looking only for quick benefits. Someone once said "Amateuristic strategy is the cause of serious grief". That was a true saying."

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