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Thread: Am I Really Practicing Budo?

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    Default Am I Really Practicing Budo?

    I train in this Japanese stuff called budo, but how can what I am doing now be the same budo the samurai practiced in Japan? Am I Really Practicing Budo? I put my thoughts together in this blog post

    What's your opinion?
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    For the most part I think it is very possible that modern 'Budo' is much like old Budo. The systems I am familiar with came out of the 250+ years of peace of the Tokugawa Shogunate. I think the samurai were awarded the luxury of getting artsy craftsy because they were not fighting. I get the feeling a lot of the dueling stories were not unlike many of our western gunsliger stories. What was truth and what was creative legend? Who know. Does it matter? What is more important the truth or a good story that feeds the fighting spirit?

    I mean some of the "bunkai" from MJER hardly appears it should be in any form of battle manual but the techniques are difficult to perfect and they definitely develop certain core skills. I wasn't there in 1750 or 1800 but I would suspect Budo was part of a good gentleman's education with many of the same goals you would find in more traditional dojo today.
    Ed Boyd

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