Hello everyone, this is my fist post on this forum.

I have been practising Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu for a little over 5 years (both in Japan and in NA) and will be moving to Denver shortly. I would greatly prefer not to have to quit practising all the paired kata and so I would be very happy if anyone could point me in the direction of anyone who has already been taught at least the omote and bo kata (note: self taught does not mean taught. I will not teach.) If anyone knows anyone in the Denver area who fits the bill I would love to know!

I don't practise aikido but I do know that many of Sugarawa-sensei's aikido students learn the Katori sword and bo kata. I would be more than happy to practise those kata with any of Sugarawa-sensei's aikido students as well!

Also, as an aside, practising is more important to me than Katori politics. I, personally, have no preference from which group you come from. If it matters to you we can discuss it over PM.


Jack Tanguay