I would like to introduce you to the Martial Science Center, LLC, in Southfield and Auburn Hills, MI.

Our Dojo Cho is John M. Parks Sensei. (godan) He is the head instructor for Jujutsu, tactical training, and Aikido. Rick Brady Sensei (yondan) heads our Iaido/bukijutsu program. There are over 70 years of experience between these two men alone.

I'm not sure whether it would be solicitous to post a phone number, but interested parties should feel free to contact me here.

We train with a sogo-budo mindset, placing emphasis upon the relationship between koryu jujutsu, Toyama/Nakamura Ryu Iaibattojustsu, Chudokan Aikido, striking, standing, and ground grappling, and tactical self protection. Warrior mindset, melee, and adrenal stress training is included, and we are dedicated as a mission to providing personal protection training to family members of military members, as well as pre- and post-deployment military members. We are primarily an adult program given the nature of our training. We do have a small and growing program for children and welcome parents of very young children to train, while providing kinesthetic pre-martial classes running concurrently for 2-5 year olds.

Most importantly, we provide a serious but compassionate and intellectually stimulating environment to all students. What we do is not sport, and we do not focus on tournaments, but rather cooperative training, understanding, and respecting the very serious nature of the outcome of the use of our training on the street.