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Thread: Training in Japan

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    Default Training in Japan

    HI all,

    some might have read my other posts but i'll give a quick run down:

    I practice Shotokan Karate, Judo and Ju Jutsu. I had been learning Iaido after some advice off this forum and the class was fantastic! but to be honest, a good friend of mine wanted me to attend his Ju Jutsu class and loyalties prevailed (plus I used to train there when I was alot younger so it's been a nice home coming so to speak)

    MY aim with the arts is to become rounded. Judo is great for throws, holds strangles and fighting spirit, Karate...well i've a love hate relationship going on with Karate at the moment - I think if I were doing proper karate I would have little need of the others but there it is, i'm just about to try to earn my purple white stripe and I really don't want to quit so it's here to stay with the rest. But it's certainly great for striking techniques just a shame that kumite has become a game of bouncing tag! Ju Jutsu is just a nice way to put them all together!

    Now, I'd like to start training in Japan annually, maybe for 10 days at a time. The Mrs is happy for me to make it a training trip rather than a holiday (alhtough it's gunna cost me on the holiday after of course!)

    My query is what to do? where to do it and how! Judo is looking a likely candidate at the moment and they certainly have regular courses in summer along with daily training sessions outside of those set dates. Karate again is well represented and being a member of JKS means I can hit the HQ and hopefully expect a great experience. JJ i'm not sure about, have trouble finding anything really.

    My martial goal is to be effective. I don't want to win tournaments (well Judo I do, I have to compete for belts so it goes with the territory) I just want to improve every day and get that little bit better and hopefully should the situation ever arise that I need to use the skills I want that confidence that I will be able to, in mind and in body.

    any advice would be great - even if it's to put my mind to rest and what I'm expecting from Japan no longer exists

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    Before I came to Japan, all my aikido teachers were Japanese and all except one trained directly at the hands of the founder of aikido himself. Of course, some had more extended contact than others. Most of these teachers presented Japan as a kind of martial shangri-la and I know now that the picture they presented was idealistic, idyllic, and in some respects downright false. Now I live here, have shihan rank and have my own dojo, where I teach Japanese how to practice a martial art that they have been taught to regard as intensely Japanese--something that not all foreigners are capable of understanding.

    So I think you would do well to seek the opinions of the non-Japanese experts who frequent this forum, who live here, or who have lived here for substantial periods, and who hold serious rank in the martial arts you mention or in other, cognate, arts.

    Best wishes,
    Peter Goldsbury,
    Forum Administrator,
    Hiroshima, Japan

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