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Thread: Saigo Judo signed 1876 photo in Florida auction

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    Default Saigo Judo signed 1876 photo in Florida auction

    A signed cabinet photo of Saigo Tsugumichi aka Saigo Judo, brother of Saigo Takamori (inspiration for "The Last Samurai" title character) is being offered at Blackwell Auctions' Americana sale on June 10.

    Extraordinarily rare Gutekunst cabinet photo of Marshal-Admiral Marquis Saigo Judo, also known as Count Saigo Tsugumichi (1843-1902), a Meiji era Japanese politician and admiral. The photo is rarer still for the fact that it is signed and inscribed on the back by Saigo. In 1876, Saigo was appointed to represent Japan at the Centennial Expo in Philadelphia. One of his hosts was Joseph M. Wilson, chief architect of the Expo and co-designer of the Main Exhibition Building. This cabinet photo is inscribed to Wilson on verso: "To Mr. J.M. Wilson with compliments Saigo Tsukumichi, Phila. Nov. 15th, 1876." Condition is excellent -- absolutely stunning, really. Saigo not only was famous for his rank of Marshal-Admiral (the highest naval rank possible), but also for his family: His father was samurai Saigo Kichibe of the Satsuma Domain, and his brother was Saigo Takamori, the leader of the Satsuma Rebellion and the basis for the title character in the movie, The Last Samurai. This photo is in the Boston Library collection and appears as Saigo's Wikipedia image. Even unsigned, the photo would be an enormous rarity.

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