I have updated my ebay collection with wonderful and rare judo / jujutsu books. Never sold in this combination.

The highlights in this update are:

- 3x books by Senryuken Noguchi (2x Jujutsu Textbook and Picture Book ,Date: 1913, 1x Special jujutsu Date:1918 )
- judo kyohan by Sakujiro Yokoyama (Date:1930)
- the complete bookset "Judo koza 1-5" by Mifune, Kudo, Matsumoto (Date:1955)
- judo by Hikochi Aida, Date 1949
- judo by the Kodokan (besides the book "100 years of judo" the best historic Judo-picture book ever) Date 1961
- Yoseikan budo by Minoru Mochizuki (he was student from Kano, Ueshiba and Mifune sensei), Date:1995
- ...

Please see my complete collection:
Link: http://www.ebay.de/sch/kondo78/m.htm...p2047675.l2562

Thank you.