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Thread: Hello from Spain

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    Default Hello from Spain

    Hello everyone.
    I readed this fórum for years, but never wrote on it, so I will introduce myself, nice to meet you all.

    Marcos Sala (Sekiguchi Kenryű - Ryôen Ryűko) Started budô training with ZNKR iaidô in 2001 till sandan level. Studied Shintô Musô ryű jôjutsu (Sei Ryű Kai) and Okinawa Kobudô (Matayoshi line) for 7 years till shôdan level (Kage waza in SMR). I focus my learning, training and teaching in Musô Jikiden Eishin ryű iaijutsu (Yamauchi-ha / Komei Jyűku) under the 21st representative Sekiguchi Komei. In 2011 Sekiguchi sensei gave me the Spain shibu and the permision to teach. In 2013 he "adopted" me under the name Sekiguchi Kenryű. Also I learn-train-teach Ryôen ryű naginatajutsu under the leader Shimizu Nobuko. In 2012 she gave me the Spain shibu and the permision to teach, in 2013 she "adopted" me under the name Ryôen Ryűko.

    Sekiguchi Kenryű - MJER iaijutsu (Komei Jyűku) Spain hombu.
    Ryôen Ryűko - Ryôen ryű naginatajutsu Spain hombu.

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    Welcom, Marcos. I look forward to more of your writing.
    Yours in Budo,

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