Hi everyone,

Does anyone know the origin of Perth Ninjutsu?

I am talking about the Bujinkan style in particular.

There are many names that have been said were or are involved, but i don't know if they are originally from Perth or relocated after learning elsewhere?

The names that were circulating when i last asked a few friends were:

Stewart Jarvis
Andrew Jarvis
Chris West
Andrew Netes
Des Lind
Karl Walker
Shane O'Brien
Greg Hinks
Duncan Mitchell
Steve Revnac
James Mccloy
Craig Turbet
Mark Stokes
Gary Bailey
Sean Hayes
Lindsay Hawke
Gustavo Arguello
Dean Williams
Raymond Lawrence
Jason Mcleod

Can anyone fill in the blanks and did they all come from the same trainer and also therefore train together?

Apologies if my info or spelling on the above names is inaccurate.

I remember watching a class in Jandakot maybe 15 years ago, but can't remember who they were, but i was impressed with what i saw. Very disappointed I did not join. It may have been Greg from memory.

Many thanks,

Steven Smart