Okay, because Masamitsu Kudaka / Hisataka is also claiming to be World Champion from the same 1989 tournament, which didn't happen. So did they both make the same mistake?
Anyway, I was recently talking to the Koshiki referee from the 1987 tournament, who recalls Scott Brown being absolutely pummelled in the 1st round by "Mike Awad", Grant got the spelling wrong there too. And that the Koshiki divisions were a very small group.
First place was Michel Laurin, 2nd place was Raynald Campbell

With regards to all references to AKKF, unless there is another AKKF organisation I am unaware of, I believe that Hanshi Pat McKean is and always has been the main Director and shareholder. Any tournaments claiming to be AKKF sanctioned might be in breach of using this name without his permission.