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Thread: Budo And Control

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    Default Budo And Control

    What are we learning when we study budo? Powerful techniques for controlling others and imposing our will on the universe? Or is it more subtle, about learning to control ourselves so we can act freely without being manipulated by the world around us. That's what I look at in the blog post?

    What do you think? Is budo about controlling the world around us?
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    Well said. It's true both in general and in the particulars of what is important in life and what is important right now in a self defense or tactical situation.

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    Thanks, Peter. As always, good food for thought.

    IMO, it takes more effort -- and with less satisfactory or productive results -- to try to control others, than to accept responsibility for cultivating our own self-displine.
    In conquering our own bad habits, fears, and limitations, we are in greater control of ourselves. Then, the confidence we exude and express may influence others in a way that is better than brute control of their bodies... we can enter their minds.
    Cady Goldfield

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