Hi Everyone,
New Years is always a good time to rededicate to training.
This year I am going to concentrate on the rooster. This will more involve my Chinese Martial Arts studies but here are some thought from Japanese and Okinawan karate.
Keiko chicken beak attack. In Kyokushinkai usually a follow up from a koken wrist block. Targets are frequently eyes so not for free sparring.
The only kata I am aware of that uses keiko is Gojushiho (although I am interested in any others).
Kojo ryu has a rooster kamae Suika. Although this interesting since there is limited info on Kojo ryu it really will not affect practice.
Then there is the Bubishi
5-7 PM is Rooster time with specific points to strike, aligned with kidney meridian and specific medicines.
Lastly. there is the passage from Chuang tsu about training the fighting rooster so other roosters would not even want to be near it. This is very popular in a lot of martial arts circles.
Although I am posting in karate I am curious what other Japanese Martial Arts have rooster or chicken techniques.
Not as much to go on as I might like but it could be worse. I could have thought of this for the year of the rabbit.
Thanks for any ideas.
Len McCoy