Jikishinkage Gasshuku.
2-4 March 2017.
Pécs, Hungary.

In this Gasshuku will be taught Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage ryű kenjutsu as well as Ryôen ryű naginatajutsu.

Remembering that the Ryôen ryű naginata comes from the koryű Jikishinkage ryű naginata, and that this in turn comes from Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage ryű kenjutsu, this will be a unique opportunity to be able to practice the ancestors from which come the teachings of Shimizu sensei .

Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage ryű: Founded by Matsumoto Bizen no Kami Naokatsu around 1570 focuses on the study of kenjutsu and kodachijutsu. With the arrival of the Meiji Era, as with so many other Koryű, the 14th Sôke Sakakibara Kenkichi granted maximum transmission licenses (menkyô kaiden) to several disciples. The scho...ol has two differentiated lines.

- Naganuma Line: It occupies the oldest parts of the curriculum, thought in many cases for situations of carrying armor and combat on the battlefield.
- Fujikawa Line: Dynamic in its execution, designed for singular duels, its use of the daishô is more in agreement with the times of Edo.
Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage ryű was one of the most important koryū of kenjutsu during the tumultuous Bakumatsu period. Modern kendo has many debts with this koryű, since they were among the first to incorporate bogu into the practice of gekken or gekiken. Today, it is one of the few koryű in which this form of archaic kendo is still practiced.

Ryôen ryű is a school that founded Shimizu Nobuko sensei based on three koryű of which received maximum transmission:
- Ogasawara ryű reihô: Beginning of her studies in 1973. Direct student of the 32nd Sôke Ogasawara Tadamune sensei. Menkyô Kaide. Shihan. And Adopted under the name given by Ogasawara sensei as: Ryôen Genreisai.
- Jikishinkage ryű naginatajutsu: Direct increase of the 17th Sôke Toya Akiko sensei. Beginning of his studies in 1984, he receives the 8th dan Hanshi and Tora no Maki.
- Musô Jikiden Eishin ryű iaijutsu (Yamauchi-ha Komei Jyűku): Beginning of his studies in 1994. Direct student of the 21st representative Sekiguchi Komei. It has a title equivalent to an 8th Kyôshi.

The evolution since the founder settled its bases until the appearance of Jikishinkage ryű naginata continues as it is:
Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage ryű Nidai sôke (second head of school) is Kamiizumi Ise no Kami Nobutsuna (1508-1577), then going on to talk about the Shinkage Ryű school. Yondai sôke Ogasawara Genshinsai Minamoto no Nagaharu (1574-1644) founded the style Shin Shinkage Ryű, Godai sôke Kamiya Denshisai Sadamitsu (1582-1663) would run the school under the name of Shinkage Jikishin Ryű, while Rokudai sôke Takahashi Danjôzaemon Shigeharu (1610-1690) ) Would lead the style as Jikishin Seitô Ryű. It is then when we arrive at Nanadai sôke Yamada Heisaimon Mitsunori - Ippűsai - (1638-1718) that combines all the styles seen in his lineage to create the definitive Jikishinkage Ryű. As I say, it is a school based on kenjutsu, although it is very possible that it was a bujutsu sôgo, the fact is that in 1860, Satake Yoshinori and his wife Satake Shigeo create from the lineage of kenjutsu, a school centered on the naginata As the main weapon bearing the same name: Jikishinkage Ryű.

In spite of leaving the main school of kenjutsu, Satake Shigeo is allowed to continue using the genealogical line, reason why it becomes first and at the same time 15ş sôke of Jikishinkage ryű naginatajutsu. The next 16th Sôke will be Sonobe Hideo, and from there we will go to the 17th Sôke Toya Akiko, who will be the teacher of Shimizu Nobuko sensei, granting him the 8th dan Hanshi and the Tora no Maki (maximum transmission), being one of the 6 main students Of koryű.

After the death of Toya sensei, Shimizu sensei will leave the school forming its own style, Ryôen ryű naginatajutsu, where it teaches traditions of 3 different koryű in which it has received to the maximum titulación.
In April of 2012, Shimizu sensei authorized me to open a dojo of his school, becoming his representative in Spain, and in April of 2013 decides to adopt me like son of the school under the name of Ryôen Ryűko.