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Thread: The Dj-Mokuroku of the Hokushin Itt-Ry Hyh

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    Default The Dj-Mokuroku of the Hokushin Itt-Ry Hyh

    Usually, in traditional dj there is a list on public display (also for guests) which shows the full curriculum of the respective ryha.

    The attached pdf shows the complete Omote-no-Kata curriculum of the Hokushin Itt-Ry Hyh. All these kata are transmitted and taught in full.
    Of course, due to understandable reasons all Ura-no-Kata are not listed.

    This list is a direct copy of the Dj-Mokuroku which is displayed in the Chiba-Dj (Honbu), only supplemented with Romaji and english translations.
    The attached pictures shows the original Dj-Mokuroku.

    The list is a beautiful testament to the living tradition of the Hokushin Itt-Ry Hyh.
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