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Thread: Hello from Japan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yamada View Post
    I see, are you a Värmlänning then?
    Yes, sure is, born and raised here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yamada View Post
    Nice to hear you have personal connections in Japan as well!

    How often do you visit Japan? Kyoto is not very far from here.
    It was some time ago now, last time was for my teacher's dojo's 50th anniversary in the summer of 2015, so I spent midsummer in Japan, not the typical Swedish way to celebrate midsummer.
    In general I think I am in Japan 1-2 times every two years or so, sometimes it is a bit more often and sometimes there has been some more time between the travels.

    Been to Osaka relatively often as well, since it is so close from Kyoto. We also had the World Taikai there in 2013 and in 1993.

    Anders Pettersson -
    半ばは自己の幸せを、半ばは他人の幸せを - 宗 道臣
    "Nakaba wa jiko no shiawase wo, nakaba wa hito no shiawase wo" - So Doshin

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    Welcome here !
    Emmanuel Betranhandy
    Paresse martiale (in french, my blog) - sometimes writing in Yashima & Dragon magazine spécial aïkido (journals in french also).

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