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Thread: Atemi Waza and Judo

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    Default Atemi Waza and Judo

    Just recently I'm trying to research Judo's Atemi Waza. Besides straight punch, cross and uppercut I'm also wondering if there is a technique that is similar to a typical hook punch. Unfortunately I haven't found informations on the internet but a found a list in old post on this forum:

    MarkF (Guest) says: "Atemi waza

    Hammer fist to;
    1 Top of head
    2 Horizintal to temple (palm up)
    3 Crossing to temple (palm down)
    4 To groin (uke behind or grappling)
    5 Solar plexus (top edge)
    6 Solar plexus (bottom edge-- back pendulum strike)

    Fist to:
    1 Between eyes (crossing, palm up)
    2 Between eyes (twisting, palm down)
    3 Solar plexus (Sun punch to center)
    4 Solar plexus (Sun punch to mirror image side)
    5 Solar Plexus (Back fist to opposite side)
    6 Groin (Sun punch)
    7 Groin (Hook punch)
    8 Jawline (Mirror image--hook punch)
    9 Jawline(Opposite side--backfist)
    10 Tip of nose (Jab)
    11 Floating ribs (Hook)
    12 Chin (uppercut)"

    I'm wondering if anybody knows if this list is from a book and if yes which one? Thanks for your help
    PS: The name of the old thread was "Name of techniques" in the Judo category

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    Hello Timo,

    You might be interested in the Kime no kata

    Kime no kata was developped nin the early days of the Kodokan by the founder of Judo, Kano Jigoro to adress self defense issues. Those techniques have an "old school flavor".

    Those techniques were then replaced by the more moden Goshin jutsu 821 techniques) developped somewhere in the 50´s.

    There is actually a nice book covering the subject written by Kawaishi Mikinosuke. He actually wrote several books, all of them are unvaluable for anyone interested in judo´s history, principles and techniques.

    Here under is a link for a free download in english. The book was translated by no less an authority than John Ernest Harrison.

    If you happen to read italian, there is a nice collection with many very interesting books which have been published very recently. All those books were out of print for decades but are now available. A must have.

    As for your question about the hook in judo and/or classical Ju-jutsu, I remenber working against that vey technique in Daito-ryu, but the technique is not to be found in the Hiden Mokuroku. It is still a Daito-ryu technique, probably developped by Takeda Tokimune during the days of the Daitokan, but it is not taught right away and is generally not shown in public.

    If you are interested in how to deal with that kind of strikes, you might find this video useful:

    It is said that one of the Kombat Sambo´s influence is indeed Aikijujutsu, I do not know if it is Daito-ryu or Hakko Ryu, but there are some similarities.

    I hope I could help you.
    Deception is one of Kenpo´s best technique.

    Väck ej björnen som sover

    Raphael Deutsch

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    If you haven't already looked at it "Kodokan Judo" by Kano is available in English and not to expensive. There is an atemi chart and all the current kata which should be helpful.
    There is even a kata of largely solo striking techniques kind of like karate.
    Good luck,

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    I guess you are talking about this kata: Seiryoku Zen'yo Kokumin Taiiku (tandoku renshu)

    This kata was developped in the 20´s by Kano as well and can be considered as solo training. It emphasizes the atemi in Judo. Unfortunately, this kata is getting lost since it is not, to say the least, taught anymore in most of the Dojos.
    Deception is one of Kenpo´s best technique.

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    This two:
    Fist to Solar plexus (Sun punch to mirror image side)
    Fist to Solar Plexus (Back fist to opposite side)

    Are my most favorite ones.

    I love them for a first moment.
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    This is a recent book on judo atemi waza history and applications.
    I recommend it to nayone researching the topic or practitioners.
    Lance Gatling ガトリング
    Tokyo 東京

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