Ken jutsu, Iai jutsu Seminar in PA Featuring James Williams Keisho

The River of Life Martial Arts and Wellness Center is pleased to announce a Ken jutsu, iai jutsu seminar featuring instruction by James Williams sensei, Black Belt Magazine's Weapons Instructor of the Year. The two day seminar will focus on the techniques of Iai jutsu and Ken jutsu and Aiki jujutsu.for test cutting with a live blade Friday evening will be "Preparation for Tameshigiri." This is an excellent opportunity to learn to cut properly and safely from Williams Sensei.

The seminar will be Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday May 19th, 20th and 21st. The cost will be $125.00 each day, and $75.00 for Friday night. Start times will be 9 am for Saturday and Sunday and 6 pm for Friday night. Targets will cost $10 each. Please call or email the number of targets you desire. I recommend at least 10 per day. This seminar will require a deposit, non refundable, for the targets as they must be rolled, tied and soaked ahead of time.

For a video of Williams Sensei; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dwNBfzFcic

The River of Life dojo is located near Philadelphia at;
321 Morris Road
Fort Washington, PA 19095 Phone (215) 542-0102

Please email me with any questions at ricksensei@Comcast.net