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Hm, well, I guess I came to this site of fellow martial artists in the spirit of camaraderie, believing that I would be judged not on my lineage but on my ability to contribute meaningfully (I hope) to a discussion, and most of all to learn other perspectives on the martial way.
You were here last August, posted another article that reads to me, like the initial post in this thread, as largely a plug for your book. You didn't stick around for any discussion then.
What style do you practice, may I ask?
I started judo around 1973, quit in 1978 when I started University, and came back to it in 2003, finally passing shodan in 2011. My judo instructors were Al Few and Joe Lee originally, then Grant Miller and Al again on the return. Al retired from judo last year. The past couple of years my judo practice has only been occasional. I started kendo in 1983 and continue to this day. My kendo rank is rokudan. My sensei is Ken Miyaoka, but I have received instruction from many others.