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Thread: Good Morning from Toledo, OH

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    Default Good Morning from Toledo, OH

    Good Morning. My name is Rolf Granlund and I currently reside in Toledo, OH. I train with Peter Boylan in Shinto Muso Ryu and just got my first real taste of seitei iai. Looking forward to "meeting" people here on E-Budo.

    Rolf Granlund

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    Welcome Rolf! I didn't realize you weren't on here. Please take a look at some of the older threads. There is a lot of good, accumulated information in there.
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    Hey Rolf,
    Welcome to e-budo! Not too much happens around here these days, although there is a core of folks that check through once in a while fi you have any questions or thoughts you'd like to share. As Peter said though, there is a huge amount of gold to be found searching through the older threads, and that's the main reason that we keep the site going.
    Paul Smith
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