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Thread: Iaito for sale, 2.45 Shaku 430 SAE stainless steel (UK only)

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    Post Iaito for sale, 2.45 Shaku 430 SAE stainless steel (UK only)

    Hi all,

    I have for sale an excellent condition Iaito in stainless steel bought in 2010. I practiced lightly with it for about 18 months, but sadly due to injury and life changes, I have not been able to keep up my practice of Iai, and would rather it found a new home!

    Originally purchased from, it is their 'Kurin' model stainless steel. So it is a little more solid in feeling than the ultra-lightweight whippy alloy iaito - but as a consequence is much closer to a true shinken in balance. Has a lot of presence and feels very 'live'. If you want the full product rundown, check out

    Specifically, this sword is a standard model of 2.45 shaku length. Dark brown cotton tsukamaki, blackened cast steel spiral/hurricane tsuba. Brown matt saya, black cotton sageo. Single hi, simple wave hamon. The blade, tsuka and koshirae are in great condition, no wear/chips/damage. Everything very tight-fitting and solid in the hand. I've kept it gently oiled and well stored so absolutely no rust or marks (exactly as you would expect from stainless). The saya had a very small split at the throat which I have glued and reinforced with a single wrap of matching brown leather and cord. It's very neat and does not hamper nukitsuke in the slightest, and the habaki remains firm and snug. Ninecircles also offer replacement saya to fit this exact blade geometry if any problems in the future. There is some very slight darkening discoloration on the grip points of the tsuka exactly as you would expect from natural skin oils. This is entirely normal and what happens to any wrap which is not black as it is used (and even then, depending on the depth of the dyes used).

    But I'm sure you all know this!

    Also comes with purple cotton inner bag, and black synthetic zip-up carrying case (also has just enough room to squeeze a bokken in as well).

    I'm selling this iaito specifically here withinin the UK as due to the stricter laws regarding sales of curved blade weapons I know it is hard to get hold of these here, and I don't want to get involved with the complexities of international weapons shipping. Obviously in order to officially buy/own this sword you should have membership of an appropriate martial arts organisation, club membership and insurance etc etc [/end obvious disclaimer]. Also obviously this is an unedged blunt training sword, and is not designed to be sharpened.

    250 + 15 for standard domestic courier shipping within the UK. If you have a preferred time/delivery/agent then this might be a bit more. Alternatively if you live in the South West of the UK, I'm happy to arrange for local collection. Bank transfer please, dispatch on receipt of funds (I will provide my full contact and address details for your reassurance and would ideally like to speak on the phone prior to agreeing the sale).

    I'll upload some photographs in the next day or so.

    Thanks for looking and please let me know any questions you may have. Cheers!

    - Ben

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    Default Iaito still for sale ?

    Hi Ben,
    is this Iaito still for sale

    If so I would buy.


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    Hi Eddie,

    Yes, the iaito is still available! I've sent you an email as per your request. Check your inbox!

    Thanks! - Ben

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