So after some techy help.

I've hacked up my old mats to fit my current garage. We're moving now so they'll no longer fit and aren't really up to more hacking about. So I thought i'd look at making my own custom fit ones.

I think I can do most of it other than the corners - the good mats all say "hot welded corners" so my question is:
a) how do you do this?
b) is the equipment expensive?
c) should I bother or just glue the vinyl to the top.

in terms of doing it as a project it's totally worth the savings:
the foam costs 20 for a 1m x 2m sheet
the tatami textured vinyl costs 5.99 per metre long (1.2m wide)
then it's just anti slip backing and glue....all apart from the corners.

Judo mats with the same spec locally are around 120 for the same size, now mine of course wouldn't be BJA/IJF rated but would include exactly the same ingredients. Except the corners. Might just have to fold and glue and see what happens.

Anyone made their own mats before? I could basically mat out my entire space (when it's built) for 30 a mat.