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Thread: Homemade Makiwara advise

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    Default Homemade Makiwara advise

    Hi all i'm sure this has been asked many times before but looking for a little advise none the less.

    I'm thinking of making a makiwara for my garage. I work for a steel fabrication company so making a base plate isn't too tricky. But wanting to check it's a good idea.

    Essentially I've a nice size space that i'm wanting to turn into a "hitting" area (heavy punch bag and makiwara)

    I really struggle with roundhouse kicks - not so much in the thai style but definitely with the Shotokan style (the jumping a hurdle knee position) I tend to be ok if i'm hitting something so want to play to my strength and..well... hit something! but my thinking is by doing more of this i'll get the technique a little more sorted for line work.

    Is this a good plan or will I end up just using the heavy bag? I am keen to condition and understand that they are two different tools.

    But onto the construction - I was intending to make a frame from mild steel, essentially a plate on the base with 4 holes to be bolted to the floor. Then weld two vertical plates opposite each other to allow for bolting a plank of wood. Bit like this:

    I was then going to wrap three sections in rope to allow for low, mid and head attacks.

    This sound ok?

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    Just remember that the further from the floor mount you hit, the more flexion there will be in the makiwara. Low strikes will be against an essentially immovable object, so don't use irresistible force.

    For practicing your roundhouse kicks, I definitely recommend the heavy bag.
    Yours in Budo,

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    I have a makiwara, but I do not use it for karate. I use it for suburi training with a bokuto. A student of mine made a concrete base, into which he sank a car tire. It is located in the front garden of my house, but the only problem is that only one person can use it at a time. So a friend is making another makiwara, this time with a portable wooden frame, with a tire fixed in the frame. It is not finished yet, but the advantage is that two will be able to practice at once.
    Peter Goldsbury,
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