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Thread: Tae Kwon Do Instructionals

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    Default Tae Kwon Do Instructionals

    Hello everyone!! I was looking into purchasing the following videos from the AIMAA (Action International Martial Arts) website (Hee IL Cho):
    #2 The Complete Stretch
    #6 Dynamic Kicking - Complete
    #7 Dynamic Jump Kick - Complete
    #8 Master Cho's Unique Workout System
    #13 Dynamic Bag Workout - Complete
    #18 Dynamic Weight Lifting - Complete.

    Does anyone here have these videos? If so, how are they? Also does anyone know if AIMAA had a clearance, black Friday or any other sale? The videos are $60.00 each plus shipping so I was hoping that they offer some type of discount at some point or another.

    Any information would be appreciated,

    Thank you


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    Hi Randori,
    Couple thoughts. It is preferred if you use your complete real name. This makes it hard for people to exaggerate their training.
    We usually only talk about Japanese arts but things like similarities and differences between Chan Hon patterns and Shotokan kata would be a good topic.
    Or how has the side kick evolved from Shorin Ryu to Tae Kwon Do.
    Now for your question.
    I have a couple of Hee Il Cho's books. They are what used to be common. Good pictures short on explanation.
    If I were you I would purchase a video and see if it is worth the price to you. If so go back and buy the rest.
    In the end only you can decide its value for you.
    Len McCoy

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    Hi Randori,
    I agree with Len: Please edit your profile to include a signature with you real name. You may use a first initial an full surname if you wish, but our policy now requires members' real names.

    About the videos... Wow. I used to have Hee Il Cho's "Dynamic Kicks," ITF hyung (Chang Hon Hyung... essentially identical to the Heian/Pinan kata of Shotokan karate), and a couple others, but when DVDs replaced VHS, and I retired from TKD for other martial studies, I gave away or tossed the old videos. Like Len, I still have some of his books.

    While E-Budo is dedicated to the Japanese martial arts and related cultural topics, an occasional off-topic request such as this is not unforgivable. But, you might have better luck finding what you want if you go to a TKD/Korean martial arts discussion board.
    Cady Goldfield

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