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Thread: @bearadactyle hello from Hudson valley New York!

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    Default @bearadactyle hello from Hudson valley New York!

    I'm extremely excited to be a part of this forum and can't wait to be involved!!!
    I have been messing around with bojutsu sincnce I was a kid, I took a very small ammamount karate when I was young and went through Marine Corps boot camp where we learned alot of fighting and how to use a pugil stick. Through L.A.R.P. and gaming I grew a love for adventure and simple seeming characters with quaint weapons like bo staffs.
    In the last few years I have greatly embraceable bojutsu in order to improve my physical health in to reset my mind so that my mental Affinity was stronger in dire situations that I was in. I've always messed around with staffs and was intrigued with the movements that you could do with them. I was faced with a very difficult living situation with my in-laws and the rest of my fiance's family. In order to excel in my daily routine I would wake up at 5 a. M. On most every day in order to exercise and be able to have the time to utilize the bathroom before anybody else could get in there. The bulk of my exercise routine was utilizing a 15 pound weight bar as a Bo Staff. from there my routine evolved to include using a broomstick as a light staff and excelling in intense cardio and parkour. after a few solid months of this routine I was able to gain the mental gusto and initiative that I needed to move my family into a better living condition.
    I've always been pretty Physically Active since I've been in adult from BMX to amateur parkour. then right as summer hit just last year I came down with bibliosis and mononucleosis at the same time. after being on antibiotics almost all summer and having extreme lethargy from the symptoms I began to become better but still have persisting unrelated symptoms. It turns out duringduring a CAT scan they stumbled across evidence that I have Ankylosing Spondylitis. This autoimmune disease crippled me in my everyday life. After a long arduous journey I slowly chachan my diet and begin to exercise and practice Bojutsu once again.
    Bojutsu has changed my life and served me extremely well in my current health. although I do continue to struggle I have greatly improved my health and my mental Affinity by practicing bojutsu everyday.
    Thank your for excepting me to this forum I look forward to getting to know the other mmember and hopefully learn a whole lot about this jutsu I love so much!

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    Hello and welcome to E-Budo. It sounds like you've lived an interesting (and challenging) life. Bojutsu training seems like a great low-impact form of physical therapy when recovering and coming back after illness.

    Are you training in a formal school of jojutsu or bojutsu?
    Cady Goldfield

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    Thanks for welcoming me! I have no formal training for the most part. Basic fighting training from boot camp. Random karate classes as a kid. I'm from the same area of New York as Hidy Ochiai. I attended a summer camp a a young kid with him. Only remember a tinny bit. One thing he always emphasized was self control. As an adult most training is dependent on my ability to learn from the internet.

    I've just started a discord channel for bojutsu, gaming, and art of anyone is interested.

    Also I will be live streaming some of my practice sessions with the bo on twitch soon I think

    Check out my Instagram too I'm a photographer and graphic designer too!

    Thanks again! Hope to make a more active community feel free to join!

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