While I have long carried firearms as part of my work, this year I have been making an effort to raise my ability, as I feel a lack. IME, modern firearms are just as much a martial discipline as the Edo period firearms schools, and if you have entered the defensive, tactical, or competitive shooting world beyond basic familiarity or a concealed pistol class (which is very basic), you know what I mean. It is very much a modern iaijutsu in terms of rationale.

I just attended Gabe White's Pistol Shooting Solutions course. Gabe is a master if the craft and his approach is very much a martial study. I wrote a review on my blog here:

Pistol Shooting Solutions Review

Now Gabe is a friend of mine, but check out his site for his accomplishments and some video of his performances for his bona fides. He has high standards during the class and you are tested on different stages. If you are interested in a demanding course in pistolcraft, this will do it.