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Thread: Hello from Northern Kentucky

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    Default Hello from Northern Kentucky

    My name is Jim Sorrell. I started karate in the 1970's as a special interest for an Explorer Post, Boy Scouts of America. I was traveling Madison Avenue in Covington, Kentucky when I noticed a sign notating a Karate class on a side street. I watched a class and an instructor told me a new dojo was being built on Martin street. I couldn't entice the teens to commit to any special interest and soon realized I couldn't relate to them. I found something in karate training and began attending the new dojo. The chief instructor was William J Dometrich who received the style of Chito-ryu Karate in 1950 from Doctor Tsuyoshi Chitose in Japan. Hanshi was fair but firm. He saw something in me, who was far from being an athlete. I tried, which was what he wanted. I advanced but soon had to lower my training time due to the birth of my daughters, my career, and financial concerns. I kept with the dojo and popped in at times just to watch class and wait until I could attend full time. After time, my daughters began moving out and soon it was my wife and I and retirement looming. I began attending again to persevere and pick up my past ranks. I fought for every rank. I began feeling like part of the family and I would stop in the dojo kitchen to engage in conversation with the sensei and students before I left for the night. I have had a detached retina reattached and am awaiting for my vision to clear so that I may return to class. I am a Sho-Dan. I look to joining in the forums with other karateka.

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    Hello Mr Sorrell,

    Welcome to E-Budo. I hope your enjoy the forums and the discussions.

    Best wishes,
    Peter Goldsbury,
    Forum Administrator,
    Hiroshima, Japan

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    Welcome, and thank you for sharing your karate background with us. Enjoy the forums!
    Cady Goldfield

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