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Thread: Greetings & Respect - Vancouver, BC

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    Default Greetings & Respect - Vancouver, BC

    Hello all.
    Thank you for having me as a potential junior member here. May this greeting meet you all and a good day.
    My backstory in a nutshell; I grew up in southwestern Ontario, always fighting to defend myself in public school. in my 20's I studied under Jamie Gilbert (RIP) and his Reality Combat Ju-Jitsu out of Windsor, Ont., Canada. His method was a combination of Wing Chun, Gung-Fu and Gracie Style Ju-Jitsu. I achieved Blue Belt and was preparing towards my Shodan when I moved away for work. Martial Arts took a back burner in my world after that. Skip ahead to earlier this year (a lot of years later), something really special happened, (another thread sometime) and it led me to a unique Dojo on Vancouver Island (Kongo Dojo) outside Duncan, BC. Sensi Davis has triggered my journey into Genbukan Ninpo Bugei. Haven't looked back and am looking forward to the journey ahead... and thank you for allowing me to partake of this special place online... hope to share my journey as I learn about yours. much respect.

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    Welcome to E-Budo. This is a very general forum, dealing with many aspects of different martial arts. We hope you enjoy your time here.

    Peter Goldsbury
    Peter Goldsbury,
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    Hiroshima, Japan

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