Hi all,

I'm one of the officers for my school's Goju Ryu club and, while we've been around for over 20 years, in the few years I've been at the school, our club's membership has somewhat flagged. We have about 4 to 8 regular members, and I'm the only member who is able to attend every class. Other martial arts clubs have flagging membership as well (our boxing club closed its doors this last semester), but there are a few classes which have maintained or even thrived. BJJ, Aikido and Kendo have been doing well on campus, as have a few others.

I'd like to encourage people to join our dojo, partially to keep it alive after our veteran members graduate this year, partially to have a chance to keep training and learning to teach myself, and partially because I love the dojo, our Sensei and Goju Ryu. One of our senior members pointed out to me that we're one of the few "rounded" martial arts clubs on campus, since the rest predominantly focus on sport aspects, whereas we explicitly cover both sports and self defense techniques. Does anyone have some recommendations for ways we could encourage more people to check us out? I think the barrier to entry is really the first two or three classes, since once people show up to the dojo we have a mix of useful practice and personable members to encourage people to keep coming.

Thanks in advance!