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Thread: Kata Name Questions and Kanji

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    Question Kata Name Questions and Kanji

    I've been trying to find the names of various kata, especially in my new dojo, and I was wondering if any of you could help me out. The first thing I am confused about is a set of three kata. The kata are Enpi, Enpi Ha and Enpi Go (or Empi). While I know that Empi is sometimes used as a different name for Wanshu, the version of Empi we practice at my dojo doesn't resemble any Wanshu kata that I've seen. However, it could have the same name without being related inherently, I suppose. However, I am at a loss for Enpi Ha and Enpi Go. I can't find many mentions of these kata, but they both seem to follow the Taikyoku kata enbusen. I think they might be variations on a Taikyoku kata. However, I can't find the correct characters for the "Ha" and "Go" parts of their names.

    We also practice a kata called Gesaku Sho, which I am told is a fairly apocryphal part of our lineage. However, I can not only find no mention of this kata almost anywhere, and no reliable history of it, I have been trying to figure out what its name means, hoping that this will help to demystify its origins. I am tempted to write it as Gisaku Sho (偽作小) which would translate as Minor Apochryphal Form or Minor Forgery Form

    Can anyone help me find out the names of these kata?
    Jasper Howald

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    Empi Ha could be a USA Goju/Urban kata. If any of your derives from that lineage, you may want to start here...

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