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Thread: My Day With The Donald

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    So Kelly Ann Conway, someone in the Trump Administration MADE you write a lengthy fictional story about a fictional character you called The Donald. You link a political video clip while insisting above your fiction has nothing to do with politics. You literally say Trump "started it" while you insist your work has nothing to do with Trump OR politics.

    Wow.....just wow.

    Like I said its a Richard-From-The-Internet move, not someone making any kind of actual point.

    Jeez dude, what is it like having someone living rent free in your head 24/7?

    You, a grown ass man, refuse to let someone on the world wide web have the last word. Your words not mine.

    You persist in harassing me after I have told you multiple times to leave me be.

    Like I said man, you were woefully misinformed and addicted to fallacious logic but at least back in the day you had some kind of point to make.

    Now your all over the map, writing derivative, look at ME, look at ME!!! fiction. Saying one thing on one day, then contradicting yourself the next. Making dishonest statements about what you, yourself wrote--denying it one day, admitting it the next.

    You clearly dislike Trump the extent you won't leave me alone about it---your need to express your hate and despite is so great you HAVE to make it someone else's problem. You HAVE to express your hate, you HAVE to make your hate part of my day.

    I suggest that you seek professional help of a therapeutic or pharmacological nature--or both.
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