Shinsakuto made in the Bizen Ichimonji tradition by Masashiro.

A tad over 29" nagasa with deep sori and bohi.

Purchased from Modern Tosho a few years back (photos are below from from Keith Larman at the time of the sale -- additional and current photos on request), this is long blade with a classic choji hamon in the Bizen tradition. It's an elegant blade that is almost tachi-like in its proportions. You don't see many blades like this for sale in the US -- it was made as an "art sword" that would sell for over twice the asking price if ordered new.

It's available now at a greatly discounted price based on use by the previous owner (a "high ranking iaidoka" I was told) for iaido and tameshigiri,. It has scratches and unfortunately sustained a bend that was corrected in the mune so that it's straight, but with shinae showing and a persisting warp in the ha that is noticeable, but does not affect tachikaze. I spoke with a US polisher who thought it could be corrected (references available on request), but I have not wanted to take the risk of having that done.

It is fully mounted, ready for use. It would be well-suited to an iaito practitioner. I have enjoyed owning it as a collection piece, but it is time to find it a new home.

Masashiro1 by drjoe4, on Flickr

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