Hello Everyone,
I have seen this in a couple books usually listed 14 century anonymous :
I have no parents : I make heaven and earth my parents.
I have no home: I make the tan t'ien my home.
I have no divine power: I make honesty my divine power.
I have no eyes: I the flash of lightning my eyes.
I have no means: I make docility my means.
I have no magic power: I make personality my magic power.
I have no body: I make stoicism my body.
I have no designs: I make seizing opportunity by the forelock my design.

I have no miracles: I make righteous laws my miracles.
I have no principles: I make adaptability to all circumstances my principle.

I have no tactics: I make emptiness and fullness my tactics.
I have no talent: I make read wit my talent.
I have no friends: I make my mind my friend.
I have no enemy: I make incautiousness my enemy.
I have no armor: I make benevolence my armor.
I have no castle: I make immovable mind my castle.
I have no sword: I make no mind my sword.

Anyone know any history of this? Was it widespread in the 14 century? Did any particular group on samurai adopt it?

What about the actual words? I might get no mind as mushin but is there a particular Japanese word that would be stoicism?

Thanks for any wisdom,
Len McCoy