Dear all,

We started a podcast about nihont˘, tsuba, other parts of the t˘s˘gu-kod˘gu, and also other parts of the koshirae like saya, tsukamaki... Also in the second part of the program we're talking about koryű arts, both bujutsu and geijutsu, and finally, the last part of our program concerns to other Japanese arts like painting, urushi, sculpture...

Sadly for maybe the 90% of the people here, this podcast is in spanish.

The podcast name is SNTKK, Spain Nihon T˘ken oy˘bi Koryű Ky˘kai スペイン日本刀剣および古流協会, as well the asociation with the same name that we founded in 2012 as the first spanish asociation for study and research about nihont˘ and t˘s˘gu. The asociation and podcast is formed by Antonio Clemente, university studies (graduated) in Art History and owner of the atiquities nihont˘ and Japanese art shop asn me (Marcos Sala) with university studies (graduated) and doctor degree in Art History, with a PhD about tsuba and t˘s˘gu (first in spanish language).

I supose that few people here speak spanish, but if you do, please feel free to listen us, as well message with your opinions. Thanks to all
First program: The general situation of the nihont˘ /t˘s˘gu and koryű studies, specially regarding the Spain case.

Second program: The parts of the nihont˘ and t˘s˘gu, main typologies and crafts. The history of the koryű Mus˘ Jikiden Eishin ryű iaijutsu. History between Edo and Meiji periods and the case of the artist of urushi, makie and inr˘ Shibata Zeshin.

Third program: Part 1: Documents and certificates in the nihont˘ and t˘s˘gu world.

Part 2: Documents and certificates in the koryű world. History between Edo and Meiji periods, and the history of the Hon'ami family: the case of the artist Hon'ami K˘etsu.