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Thread: Origin of the Wansu Jump

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    Default Origin of the Wansu Jump

    When I first learned Wansu we pivoted not the 360 degree jump. Does any one know if Funakoshi Sensei introduced the jump or if there are older Okinawan versions with the jump.
    Thank you
    Len McCoy

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    The oldest written description of Wanshű was published in 1922. It was written by G. Funakoshi (1868-1957). He has to say about the movement in question that one has to jump up high and wide while turning around.

    Since there is no older text in regard to this kata, you can see that the jump was "usual" in 1922 an not added later. If someone claims to know the truth for the time before 1922 it should be understood as folklore ...


    Henning Wittwer

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