I have been reading Michael Rosenbaum's Isshin Ryu Okinawa's Complete Karate System and in general enjoying it. A few errors here and there that a good editor could catch but when I got to page 70 and 71 I was completely shocked. He say "Shimabuku is also credited for having written another set of guidelines for karate. This was called the "dojo oath" and it is a code of conduct the practitioner should abide by while in the dojo." He then goes on to list the Kyokushinkai Dojo Kun. It is definitely not just inspired by each other it is the same.
So first question if we have anyone here who studied directly under Tatsuo Shimabuku did he use phrases like, "with true vigor we will cultivate spirit of self-denial, We will look upwards to wisdom and strength not seeking other desires."?
If so is there any chance Shimabuku used this before Oyama?
I know Oyama tradition says he wrote this with the help of a prominent Japanese author.
Another possibility is the author trained with a teacher who liked the Kyokushinkai Kun and did not feel any need to tell him it wasn't Shimabuku's.
Thanks for any info,
Len McCoy