I am a samurai. I know Im a samurai because I wear a dress, shave my pate, and wield a sword (in the safety of a dojo and am fully insured against injury, third party, fire and theft). But, I have a dorky, non-samurai name and every time my friends and loved ones call my pathetic name, I hang my head in the shame of obscure non-warrior mediocrity. So when I came across this Kickstarter, I knew I was destined for greatness


Yes, your very own, customised samurai name! Imagine having a samurai name on you credit card, bank statement and unused gym membership card? Imagine your psychiatrist, whos been treating you for delusional Samurai thoughts, having to call you by your warrior name! Imagine being able to legally carry a sword (actually, thats not true). Check it out and if your inner samurai needs a noble name and you follow bushido, back it!