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Thread: Hello from Indonesia!

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    Default Hello from Indonesia!

    Hello, everyone!

    I would like to introduce myself as a new-comer here.
    My name is Livano Yudistira, an alien name for probably most of you, but I go by the nickname Lee.
    I am interested in re-entering the martial arts scene.
    I was once a Goju-Ryu Karate-ka; however due to one thing and another, I have to enter a hiatus for a decade from martial arts scene.

    Currently I am learning Iwama-Ryu Aikido under Andika-Sensei (directly under Kenny Sembokuya-Sensei) and Shin Kyokushinkai Karate (Under Kasan-Sensei - 3rd Dan) and with a bit of leisure training on Shin Kendo.

    I hope to have a good time here to learn and understand more about the arts and craft of Budo.

    Thank you!

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    Welcome to E-Budo, Lee. We hope you enjoy reading and posting on the forums here.
    In the past, we have had a number of participants from Goju Ryu karate, and perhaps you will find some interesting posts regarding that system in our Okinawan martial arts forum. We also have plenty of Aikido content in our archives that may be useful.
    Cady Goldfield

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