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Thread: Salutations!

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    Default Salutations!

    Hello everyone!

    Captain Jack here. I am not online often but I heard of this group and was intrigued. I look forward to the ensuing conversations.

    Marital Arts History: 26 years

    Yagyu Shinganryu Taijutsu and Shinkageru Heihou - 14 years and counting. I studied in Japan for 11 years and am now teaching in the states for 3 years. You can find us on FB: @wi.yagyu. I will be publishing the first volume of Yagyu Munenori's "Family Treatise on Martial Philosophy", "The Death Dealing Blade" next week. Really hope it helps others like it has helped me.

    Kyukido - ~12 years -> Mix of Taekwando, Hapkido, and Judo. I started in 6th grade and this was where I first was exposed to the idea of they why behind our actions being more important than what we actually are doing.

    Kendo -
    1 yr -> At a high school in Japan. My instructor was the only person bigger than me, and he pushed the entire team, including me, really hard.

    Boxing -
    1 yr -> I learned from a 65 year old boxer in Japan who has done a variety of martial arts and actually had to use it to protect himself from Yakuza numerous times. For that reason he went sober. He didn't box in the traditional sense and forced me to relax.

    Ballet -
    1 year -> Not a martial art, but it had a huge impact on my balance and how I hold myself during sparring.

    Aikido - 9 months -> During my exchange year in Japanese high school, I was introduced to an Aikido instructor at Ueshiba's birthplace. He taught me to flow and that technique is second compared to feeling the flow of the opponent.

    I have also been influenced by short stints studying Gong-fu, Judo, Capoera (martial arts portion), Iaido, Tea Ceremony, and caligraphy.

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    Hello and welcome to E-Budo, Jack.
    It's nice to have some new koryu people here. I look forward to discussions on Yagyu Shingan ryu and Shinkage ryu, especially, but we hope that you will browse the many forums and find topics that interest you. There is a lot of archival material that may be relevant to your studies. Enjoy!
    Cady Goldfield

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    I second Cady's welcome message. As you may gather from my signature, I live in Japan and have been living here for about 40 years. Like most web forums, this is fairly quiet, but there is a large archive and I am always ready to discuss aikido topics. I have been training for 50 years.

    Best wishes,
    Peter Goldsbury,
    Forum Administrator,
    Hiroshima, Japan

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