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Thread: sword basics

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    Default sword basics

    I had just started learning some skills of the bujinkan. I have done a few months of the basics as well as some weapons work. My instructor has experience in sword arts as well. I did enjoy some of the weapons work especially the hanbo and sword. So, with this quarantine I'm not obviously able to get out. So, any recommendations on books and or videos to get some basic instruction on sword (stances, swing/strike, etc. ) Yes, I did send a message to my instructor as well and look forward to his suggestions as well.

    Thanks in advance.

    Frank Ferrara
    Frank Ferrara
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    We have a member of our Iai dojo from a Bujinkan background and the way she cuts is very different to the way swords people cut....chopping rather than cutting which is a common ‘mistake’. My unsolicited advice is make your overhead cuts huge, circular, and relaxed (counter intuitive, I know).

    This is pretty good although the ‘fly fishing casting’ motion is a little exaggerated (perhaps for the sake of beginners)

    Best of luck.

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