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Thread: No new threads in a year and a half?

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    Default No new threads in a year and a half?

    Wow. It seems this forum has died. May I ask to where everyone has migrated?

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    Well, I think it shows something about the internet and social media, with phenomena like Facebook. I do not think the forum has completely died, since there is a very large archive, and the older members are still around. Still, a forum like this depends on the efforts of the participants and we have an advantage over social media like Facebook in the form of moderators who can quickly detect -- and remove -- falsehoods. Personally, I do not like Facebook and post there only rarely, usually in response to other posts. There is also a large archive, which social media does not have, since it its essentially ephemeral.

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    The golden age of internet forums passed a long time ago. Social media has replaced the dedicated forum website. I still believe in maintaining this site for the treasure trove of historic, cultural, technical and other material and information that it contains from those days when the site was very active and was perhaps one of the top places to discuss traditional Japanese martial arts and related topics.
    Cady Goldfield

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